You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!


How much does it cost?

Each seasonal window painting is priced based on the size and complexity of the design. Generally speaking, the total price can range form 100$ - $1,000. For example, a large area covered in a very simple design may run in a similar price range as a smaller area with a very complex design.

To find the right balance fo price and design for each customer, the process starts with a conversation to understand your team’s budget and types of images you’r interested in.

What works in many cases is a mix of 1-3 complex designs and numerous simple yet eye catching decorations to fill the remaining space.

Do you charge per hour?

No. Estimated time that it will take is factored into the quoted price. However, I work with you to design a piece that fits within your budget. That price is agreed upon ahead of time, and is invoiced accordingly. Regardless of the time taken on paint day, your quoted price will not change.

Does the paint go on the inside or outside?

The paint can be applied on any side of the windowpane.

If painted form the inside, the image with maintain the glossy look of the glass. If painted from the outside, the paint will have a matte look.

Also, painting on the inside means that the location can be painted rain or shine. If there is no outdoor overhead covering for the windows, I am unable to paint in the rain from the outside.

Note: I am unable to paint on glass on the side of glass that has a protective UV film or other services films.

Do you only paint windows?

No. I do custom paintings on any surface both temporary and permanent. This includes murals, canvases, posters, chalk boards, you name it, we can paint it.

DO you paint seasonal decoration for homes?

Yes. Homes have many reasons to celebrate and decorate. Make your occasion one to remember. From holidays, family milestones, birthdays- I’ve got you covered.

What kind of paints do you use?

A quality painting begins with top-quality materials. I use special formulated acrylic and latex paints that are safe for your windows, without sacrificing vibrancy, weather resiliency, and coverage. So your windows can keep looking their best.

HOw long does the service take?

Out of curtesy of your business, most paintings are done within a day.

HOw is the paint removed?

The paint is waterproof once dry. However, it is easy to remove! Just some Windex or soapy water and a window scraper and it comes off smoothly with no damage to the glass. I am happy to remove the painting at the end of the season or event. Some businesses already use a professional window cleaning company. If that is your case, you may wish to use the same team to remove the seasonal decoration.

what does paint day look like?

I generally start in the morning to maximize daylight hours in the winter. I will meet your any available staff on sight to let them know where I will be working. I set up a clean organized and safe working area, and paint till the windows are complete.

Do you only paint in the winter?

I are happy to say that we paint all year-round. With every season comes a reason to celebrate and we will paint it :)